Annual Awards Show Categories

Helpful Terms

Business-to-Business Advertising
For any product or service to distributors, retailers, or business end users. Does not include consumer, institutional, corporate, or public service ads.

Promoting a product or a service. Does not include consumer, institutional, corporate, or public service ads.

Work for or by a company or other organization offering financial or other services, marketing, or manufacturing capabilities or products.

Insitiutional/Public Service
Work for or by schools, colleges, universities, religious groups or institutions, museums, galleries, hospitals, and other not-for-profit organizations.

Insitiutional/Non-Profit/Public Service
Intended for the purpose of enhancing stature or image, including corporate citizenship or sponsorship; for soliciting funds; or to encourage behavioral change whether it be physical, emotional, or environmental. Not a product or service promotion.

Pro Bono/Creative
Work donated to a cause.


Consumer Advertisements or Direct Mail

Business Advertisements or Direct Mail

Pro Bono Advertisements or Direct Mail

Integrated Advertising Campaign

Non-Profit Advertisements or Direct Mail

Consumer Advertisements or Direct Mail

Outdoor or Transit Advertisements
Billboards, vehicle wraps, transportation, etc


Environmental Design

Experiential Design
The creation of a physical space or experience that brings the consumer into direct contact with a brand, product or idea. This includes installations, events and competitions.

Branded Interior Design
Permanent interior designed brand space

Trade show/exhibit booth design

Graphic Design Print

Annual Report
Year-end financial report.

Cover Design
Books, brochures, albums, etc.

Complete entity.

Consumer Periodicals
Magazines, newspapers, complete issue or individual section.

Corporate / Institutional/Public Service Periodicals
In-house publications, newspapers, magazines, complete issue or individual section, section covers, or individual feature pages.

Employee Publications
Non-periodicals, manuals, reports, etc.

Complete packaging design

Trademark / Logo / Identity
Final version only. Do not include alternates or concepts.

Logo Systems/Branding Guidelines
Complete logo systems or brand guidelines

Letterhead, envelopes, business cards.

Architectural Graphics / Signage
Complete programs or individual elements.

All elements/design of brochure/folder

Full catalog design

Individual poster design

Poster Series
At least 3 posters and no more than 5.

Announcements/Invitations/Greeting Cards
Complete announcement/invitations/greeting cards

Calendars, menus, matchbook covers, etc.

Pro Bono Design
Complete pro bono design

Integrated Branding Program
Comprehensive program may include identity, business papers, collateral, packaging, signage, website, etc., at least 6 pieces and no more than 8.

Self Promotion
Complete self promotion design


Book/Book Cover Illustration
Complete book/book cover illustration

Editorial Illustration

Typography and Lettering


Misc Illustration
Calendars, menus, matchbook covers, etc

Online/Interactive Design

Online Promotion
Any screen-based materials used the further the sales of a product or service

Email Design

Business & Corporate Websites
Custom-designed website for a company or other organization offering financial or other services, marketing, or manufacturing capabilities or products. Including e-commerce.

Cultural & Educational Websites

Non-Profit Websites

Misc Websites
Microsites, community building websites (social networks), search engines, directory websites, event websItes, review websites, etc.

Motion Graphics
Animations, cartoons, and other intriguing works built using tools like After Effects and HTML5/CSS3/JS.

Social Media
Users and campaigns that are creatively connecting and sharing their experience.

Pro Bono Design for Interactive and Online Materials

Online Campaign
Campaigns containing 3-5 pieces spanning across different online media.

Self Promotion

Web or Mobile application/product

Digital Publications/Ebooks




Commercial & Advertising – Portrait

Commercial & Advertising – Lifestyle

Commercial & Advertising – Still Life

Personal Work

Fine Art







Brand Identity


Photography – Portrait





Corporate/Public Service 

Pro Bono

Commercial and Advertising




Personal Work

Misc Video
Presentation, short films used for promotion, etc