Help us move forward — Connecticut Art Directors Club

The year 2022 made us feel whole again—though we can do more to achieve even greater impact. We’re looking to fill a few existing board roles as well as some new positions we developed.

The CADC is still evolving, and we’re looking to our community for those who see potential. Even though these are titled roles, we welcome input to help better define these positions:

Current Board Openings:

Development committee:

To help keep track of our supporters and seek grant opportunities.

• 2 positions needed: chair, assistant chair


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee:

To provide cultural awareness and knowledge, and provide vision and leadership for diversity and inclusion initiatives across all efforts put fourth the by the CADC. 

• 2 positions needed: chair, assistant chair

If you have any interest, all we ask is that you reach out to have a conversation. Anyone that plays a role in the future of the CADC needs to equally benefit from their contributions.

Email our Executive Director if you have interest: