A New Era for the CADC — Connecticut Art Directors Club

Our board has been working quietly for the last few years to try and figure out what the CADC means to our community. I’m excited to be writing this because it means we can finally share what we’ve been up to.

Before I start, I want to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. My name is Logan, and as I write this I’m the president of the CADC. I joined the board in 2015, and it’s a huge honor to be steering the ship. When I graduated college and was struggling to find a job and connect with other creatives, I promised myself that one day I would do something to help the creative community in my home state. I didn’t know that would happen so soon, but I feel incredibly fortunate to be in this position.

The launch of this new website is – to me – an official beginning of a new era for the Club. In the last few months we’ve settled on a set of values that are going to guide us into the future:

  1. Abundance reminds us that there’s enough to go around and we don’t have to treat each other like competition;
  2. Community reminds us to celebrate the incredible work being done right here in our state;
  3. Mentorship reminds us that the future of this community lies in ensuring the success of the generations that follow us;
  4. Growth reminds us that the creative business is still a business, and we need to help each other grow professionally.

So, how did we end up here?

Maybe you’ve been to one of our Studio Socials in the past couple years (if you haven’t yet, you’re missing out). Those little events have proven something to me; the people in this community want a place to gather. We thought Studio Socials would be fun little events where we would all get to poke around the offices of creatives we admire, but we quickly realized they were much more important than that. They’re mobile clubhouses; everyone feels instantly at home (with the help of our incredibly generous hosts, of course) and everyone starts to make new friends. It’s a feeling that we want to maintain, so it’s become one of our central goals: we want to bring everyone together because we’re all part of a community.

All of this is to say that things are going to be changing around here. You’ll be hearing from us more, but it’ll be about more than just an event that we’re hosting. We’ll announce more later, but suffice it to say we’re very excited about what’s coming.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you. Let us know how we’re doing. Let us know how you’re doing. Tell us what we can do to make your life as a Connecticut creative better.

Thank you for hanging out with us, thank you for sticking with us for 45 years, and most of all, thank you for being a part of this community.