About the CADC

Our Values

We believe a rising tide lifts all boats. We don’t treat each other like the competition. There’s enough to go around for everyone.

We shine a light on the world-class work being made right here.

We cultivate a community where students can find mentors to give them the productive advice they need to become successful.

We know being creative is only part of the equation, so we make sure our community understands the business of being in the creative business.

Our Logo

Thank You Paul

Our Logo

Here’s a fun fact you can use at parties: the CADC logo was designed by graphic design legend (and Connecticut native) Paul Rand in 1986. We’re incredibly proud and fortunate to have our legacy mixed with his. It gives us a sense of context and acts as a reminder of our place in the design community. Long story short, we’ll be black and red forever.

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