About the CADC

Inspiring Connecticut’s creative community since 1975.

The CADC is a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and empowering Connecticut’s creative community. We offer networking and social activities, programming, and unique student opportunities – all designed to foster a more creative industry through professional growth and mentorship. 

The highlight of our year is the Annual Awards Show, where we gather to spend an evening celebrating creative excellence from professionals and students throughout the state.

Our Mission

To recognize and uphold creative excellence, elevate growth and change through collaboration, and support our future creative thinkers through education, mentorship, and community engagement.

Our Vision

Inspire creative change in the world with integrity and authenticity.

Our Values

Empower and educate creatives by giving them access to visionary leadership

Provide a network of support for creatives to learn, grow, and explore 

Invest in a sustainable future by supporting education and expanding our community 

We are strongest when everyone has an opportunity to contribute 

Uphold the highest standards of creative excellence

Our Logo

Thank You Paul

Our Logo

Here’s a fun fact you can use at parties: the CADC logo was designed by graphic design legend (and Connecticut native) Paul Rand in 1986. We’re incredibly proud and fortunate to have our legacy mixed with his. It gives us a sense of context and acts as a reminder of our place in the design community. Long story short, we’ll be black and red forever.

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