45th Annual Awards Show Postponed Until 2021 — Connecticut Art Directors Club

Dear Friends,

So… there’s some bad news and there’s some good news.

Bad news first. We truly wanted to plan our way out of this, but it doesn’t look like we can. I’m sorry to say we’re officially cancelling the 45th CADC Annual Awards Show. You understand all of this already so I’ll keep it short; it’s just too difficult to plan events right now, and we don’t want to add another thing to your plate.

Onto the good news. Next year’s show is going to be huge! We don’t want all of your hard work from the past year to go unrecognized, so to make up for this mess, we’ll accept submissions from this year and next year. So, put those submission planning spreadsheets in a safe place because you’re gonna need them next Spring. And maybe start a swear jar so you’ll have some cash for the bar.

We’ll be seeing you soon, and we can’t wait.