2022 Service Award Winner – Edvin Yegir, (in Memoriam) — Connecticut Art Directors Club


The 2022 CADC Service Award honors the legacy of Edvin Yegir. As a design professor, Edvin’s longstanding commitment to design excellence and dedication to bridging the gap between Connecticut’s professional and academic worlds – made him one of CADC’s most prominent advocates.

With an MFA from Yale University, Edvin went on to become the founding principal of Typotopia Design: Practice. Pedagogy. Activism, where his work for various international clients from both the commercial and cultural sectors has been widely recognized and regarded. Peace, equality, excellence, and simplicity are ideals to which he dedicated himself and his work. 

A leader in the Graphic Design program in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Connecticut, Edvin was a gifted educator and immeasurably influential in the field. For over 20 years he taught students that they could be a voice for positive change in the world, synthesizing ideas with reality by connecting student lives with the larger world. 

He saw potential in every one of his students and could draw on it to help them create the best version of something unique to them. He filled the room with a quiet, reassuring, kind, and patient presence that left students feeling heard and inspired. 

“Edvin will be remembered by classmates, colleagues, and students for his kind, passionate, loyal, and generous nature; his great love of books; his belief in challenging dominant power structures; his fantastic hair and little round glasses; and his infectious laugh” – and the forever impactful mark he made on so many of our members.